Measured Building and Land surveys

Accurate – on-time – to budget

While being specialists in the production of quality, accurate architectural building surveys, we also have teams of dedicated land surveyors. So, whether you need a building survey, a land survey, or a coordinated combination of both, Callidus provides truly specialist attention.

Survey technology continues to evolve, and Callidus continues to stay on top of the wave. By investing in the most current scanning equipment we can achieve routine production of the fastest, most accurate and detailed surveys available in the industry today. And although we specialise in certain areas, our in-house developed survey workflows are applicable to any building whatever the type, scale or specification.

Below are the areas of Callidus expertise. Click on the sectors to see what we could be providing for you.

Movement / Deformation Monitoring

Before, during and after your construction project, a credible monitoring specialist can go a long way to demonstrating your diligence when dealing with your neighbours. You’ll have the peace-of-mind of knowing that your structural works are progressing safely all the way through the process.

From monitoring marker installation, through monitoring during structural works to handover and beyond, Callidus will be a reliable and reassuring presence.

With a typically weekly frequency our reports come in the form of a bespoke Exel spreadsheet. Each report contains:

  • Movement monitoring marker weekly coordinates.
  • X,Y & Z axis cumulative deviations.
  • tabulated results with configurable traffic-light tolerance bands.
  • Graphical representation of cumulative deviations.