A recent case brought before the Property Ombudsman highlights the necessity – and relative cost effectiveness – of obtaining a professional topographic survey on any land you might be thinking of buying.

Mr Watson, a farmer in Cumberworth, Yorkshire, already owned 5.5 acres of land. He was hoping to take advantage of a Government ‘Rural Payments Scheme’ which allowed for subsidies to be paid to landowners with over 12 acres of land. So, a plot that was on sale quoted as ‘set in approximately 8 acres of land’ seemed like a sound investment.

It was not until after his purchase that Mr Watson used an online calculation tool to discover that the land he had bought covered just under 6 acres. Painfully close, but below the qualifying 12 acres, his new land, costing £850,000, saw Mr Watson short of land as well as out of pocket.

When buying any property – be that a garage, a city pad, a country pile or simply farming acreage – it makes sense to satisfy yourself that what you’re buying measures up. A professional survey by a reputable surveyor could be the one investment that makes the difference. Callidus Surveys is one company that can help provide the peace-of-mind that what you’re buying is actually what you need.

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